Passport arrival

Wohooo! Lori's passport made it yesterday, but Fedex didn't leave it since it required a signature and no one was at home. So a few minutes ago I went to the pickup location and got it. They actually gave me someone else's package and I opened it without looking at the address, but soon realized something wasn't right! It's a good thing I didn't drive away and checked right there before leaving.

So now tomorrow we have some notarizing to do: 2 copies of the I-171H, Letter of Obligation, Petition to Adopt and the passport copies on one page. After they're checked, we will be assigned a translator and once we do the Power of Attorney, we'll be ready for Apostilling. I'm hoping I can run to Austin and get that over with this week, but am not sure what it takes to get the Translator assigned. Fingers crossed!

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