The Goal posts

It’s hard to score a goal when the posts keep moving, isn’t it? That’s the feeling right now when it comes to the Dossier.

A while ago we were told to prepare a document with a description of our house. The intent is to prove that you own/live in a certain house. Originally, this information was part of the home study. The SDA, around December, changed their requirements and no longer accepted this information as part of this document, which is ironic when you think about it because the social worker is the only person that physically visits your house and spends quite some time getting to know the family.

So we were told that we needed to prepare an “official” document by a realtor or someone from your county appraisal district office with a description of the house you live in. We already have a copy of the deed of the house as part of the dossier, so this looks pretty redundant if you ask me!

We decided to use a realtor as I didn’t want to deal with a county office, being afraid of red tape and all, wanting to wrap this up ASAP. As soon as we finished it, we were notified that a realtor would not be acceptable as it wasn’t “official” enough. So off I went to the Appraisal District and got a Property Card with a seal and stamp from the office. We included it in the dossier and off it went to Ukraine.

The Dossier made it in great time and our facilitator and translator started working on it. Yesterday we were notified that the property card won’t cut it either. They need a document/letter by…hold your breath…..a realtor! Well, they said it could be a public accountant too, but how that makes it "official” is beyond my logic. So now the new document is ready and tomorrow I’ll mail it by Lone Star overnight to the Secretary of State to be Apostilled. Hopefully turnaround time won’t be too terrible.

The dossier might still be registered with the SDA in the meantime, with submission anticipated to be in 3 weeks. I’m hoping to get the updates to Ukraine in a couple of weeks. Very soon, we’ll get that ball between those posts!

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