Home Study – rush update

In Ukraine, they don’t want to see attachments with your home study. By Texas law, home studies have to include multiple attachments such as a financial statement, and plans and pictures of the house. I got a note from our facilitator about this and I totally forgot about it. Our first home study included all this “junk”.

I told her to remove what she didn’t need, but the problem was that these attachments were referenced on a particular page. So I quickly emailed Nanci, our social worker that prepared the home study to explain the situation. I was already feeling the Monday plans slipping away. I left her a voicemail and continued to do some work in the afternoon. Then I received an email that she would reprint with the necessary changes (one important change that I asked her to do was to mention the 2 bedrooms we have reserved for the future kid/s) and tape the updated home study to her gate. I would then retain the original notarized page and swap the rest. Remember, this was Sunday afternoon. I love dedicated people that do anything to help.

So Lori came home from work and we drove to get the updated envelope, which was in our custody by 8:30pm :) Then we headed off to grab some dinner and back towards home. Lori crashed to sleep while I went through all the documents one more time to make sure everything was ready for Monday, including all the necessary addresses. Maps were not required as I was going to use my trusty GPS that Lori gave me for our Anniversary.

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