Gotcha Day

I pondered long and hard about posting something to “get you” with…maybe something like “oh we have a travel date!” or something on those lines. But I won’t be THAT mean. Instead, I’ll just tell the truth and nothing but the truth :) If you’re still wondering what I’m talking about, look at the posting date.

Aaaanyway, we’re starting to panic a bit because it sounds like our travel date might be a lot closer than we thought. From following other families’ blogs, usually you get notified with a travel date within 3-4 weeks of your submission date, which is typically in 2-3 months after that. With that line of thinking, we estimated to travel around mid-July/August since our submission date is April 13th. However things have been moving a lot faster recently and this is no joke!

Most families are receiving an appointment date within 3-4 weeks of their submission date. That means we could potentially travel in the first or second week of May. This has been happening with some consistency now and one can easily spot a trend.

Here are some examples: Family 1, Family 2 and Family 3 (latter family is already in Ukraine). Ok, here’s Family 4 that just submitted. Let’s see if the trend continues!

Anyway, we have to start making preparations. I’m trying to learn some Russian on my drive to and from work, but Lori’s procrastinating! She said she’s going to start listening to the CDs in the car, but I’m not holding my breath. She has vacation time left and she has to use it by the end of April, so she’ll probably take that time to straighten things out and get us ready. In the meantime, do svidanya (Goodbye)!

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