Happy Easter!

I didn’t know this, but Easter in Ukraine was today. It has something to do with whether a particular country has adopted the Gregorian calendar or not. In Malta and USA, Easter was last week (April 12th), so I assume they’re both on the same Gregorian calendar, while Ukraine is on the old Julian calendar. I’m no historian but I just got curious and looked it up, so here’s a little more about this calendar issue.


Above is a picture of Ukrainian Easter Eggs, called “PYSANKY”. It is derived from the word “pysaty”, which means “to write”. One egg is “pysanka”, which means an egg that is written on; hence the decorations! I’m pondering what the fascination with Eggs and Easter is all about in our cultures? I’ll research that another time ;) In the meantime, here is some further reading about Ukrainian Easter Eggs.

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