We’re in full swing, getting things crossed off the list. Sunday night we “brainstormed” for a while and put down anything that needs to be done by the time we leave…mail hold, freezing gym membership, Netflix, figure out how to take care of the pets, pool care, bills (not much of a problem since everything is paid automatically or online), getting prescriptions, buying all the different tidbits that we need with us (money belts, over-the-counter-medicines, travel iron, etc), getting clean money from the bank, getting home insurance (expires while we’re in Ukraine), airplane tickets and travel insurance…you get the picture.

The painters started preparing today by power-washing all the surfaces. Hopefully the weather cooperates and they should get done by next week. We found out we can only hold mail for 30 days and they wouldn’t extend service. I asked the supervisor if I could create one mail hold and another soon after the first one expires and she said…”welllll, I cannot tell you what to do…” so then I shook hands with her and said “Thanks ma’am and Goodbye!”. I just tried doing that a few minutes ago but it wouldn’t let me double book. So I typed a note that we won’t be able to pick up until the end of June and asked them to kindly consider holding it longer. When we’re in Ukraine I’ll try set it up again after the 11th of June since it won’t be in the system anymore. If not, the mailbox will fill up in a week anyway and I doubt they’ll be able to deliver! Besides, it’s mostly junk.

This Sunday we’re visiting our good friends (the Huttons) and later we might be able to meet the Butchees. June has been a great help and we’re looking forward to connect with someone that’s been there, done that and is doing it once again! Saturday we’ll both work hard on housework so that next week we’ll simply relax, pack, get some friends over at our house and not have to worry about rushing (like that’s ever going to happen!!). But who knows, there’s always a first, right?

Today I called our translator for the first time. We had some questions for her and we talked briefly about the process. She speaks English really well, although the Russian/Ukrainian “y” accent is unmistakable. We lost connection at the end but it was time for me to head out for the doctor’s appointment (lately I’m becoming prone to accidents). We needed a Z-Pac prescription and since the doctor and I have exchanged emails before while getting the dossier ready, he suggested we email him with any questions if we felt sick, so he can help us diagnose if we contracted a viral or bacterial infection for example. That was a really nice gesture and we look forward to emailing him pictures of his new patient/s in a few weeks!

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