Children’s Day

In Ukraine, Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1st. Several sponsors come together every year to donate some goodies and gifts to the Baby Orphanage in Nikopol. Carol does a lot of work together with students from the local technical college to put together some gift bags for the kids, consisting of some educational materials such as colors, and the obvious favorite of all: chocolate!

On their part, the staff of the orphanage and the kids produce a little 30 minute show to entertain everyone. We were lucky to attend and enjoy the show, which went really well considering these are mostly kids under 4 years of age, probably with just the exception of Isabella Alina, who’s 4 1/2. Isaac got to watch as Lori held him up while he clapped at every chance, motioned with his arms like the performers were doing, and finally ended “baptising” Lori at the very end! Here’s an 8 1/2 minute snippet of the performance.

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Jeri said...

That was too cute! Especially the little accordion player lip synching. Funny. There seemed to be other families watching? Were there other adopting families there? Just curious.

adopting2fromUkraine said...

What a treat! Very cute. I think Isabella was too busy watching Papa tape her;)

PS - We'll arrive in Kiev on Monday, June 8.

Dave Baldacchino said...

That kid is really funny, we're always playing. In fact we had a 45 minute chase session this evening and I'm worn out! It was "throw-anything-at-Dave" evening, with about 6 kids joining the fun.

No those were sponsors from the community and staff. We've only seen a couple of Ukrainian families visit some kids; no other Americans or foreigners at this time.

June, yes she was! And Lori and Isaac were infront of me too. She did better with her back at us. She's very shy and seems to have synchronization issues...just like Lori ;)