Court – The REAL date!

Ooops! We don’t know what happened. Lori and I could swear that our date was the 10th, but it turns out it’s the 9th, this coming Tuesday. I’m not sure whether anything will change since the 10th day of the waiting period falls on a Friday, but that means Lori will be able to leave on the early Thursday morning flight. We’ll figure out what’s available later today or tomorrow.

We still need to get a stroller. Today there was one outside the orphanage and Isaac jumped right in. I took him around a bit and he really seemed to enjoy it. He also wanted to push and, obviously, run. That’s good news as he probably won’t resist being in a stroller while in the airport. This weekend we’ll probably go get it. That’s it for now. Time to get dirty chasing some toddlers around in the dust :)

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adopting2fromUkraine said...

That's better news than having to wait a day! We might get to see Lori after all if she's in Kiev on Wednesday.