No, I’m not talking about charcoal/gas and meat. I’m talking about a 5 year old (Marsha) grilling an adult (Carol) over what is about to happen to her friends Isabella and Isaac. It was absolutely hilarious to hear Carol’s translation! Here’s what I remember about how it went down:

M: “So, Alina and Maxim are going home with Papa on a plane?”

C: “Yes”.

M: “Where is Mama?”

C: “She’s at home, waiting for them.”

M: “Papa is taking them all home by himself?!”

C: “Yes, but Mama will be at the airport waiting for them.”

M: “Ok, so Papa is taking Alina and Maxim home, on a plane, all by himself?”

C: “Yes, but they’re going to be ok…”

Orphanage 14th June 09 013Now is this a smart girl or WHAT?! I couldn’t stop laughing after the conversation ended and Carol came to me and said…”I’ve been interrogated by Marsha! I guess they’ve been talking to them about Isabella and Isaac’s future.” But the grillin’ actually didn’t stop there. Alla was outside with a couple other caregivers and she asked:

A: “So Papa is here by himself?”

C: “Yes, his wife went back to America so she can spend more time with the kids once they get home.”

A: “Is he staying at a hotel? Who’s cooking?”

C: “No, he stays at an apartment and does well by himself!”

A: “Hmmmm ok, but we’re worried about him and those two kids on the plane, all by himself!”

C: “I think he’s got it under control. Don’t worry, he’s got harnesses!”

IMG_2914Alla is such a funny lady. I wish she spoke English or lived closer to home. All the kids adore her. She’s strict, kids listen to her, but you know she has a gentle and caring heart and it shows through every day.






Orphanage 14th June 09 003The temperature dropped back down this week after some rain (storms in the north) and a cold front blew through the area. It’s very welcome, let me tell you! I’m enjoying it a lot. Last week it was getting very hot and for a couple of days the kids ran around in underwear, but now it’s back to some layered clothes. This week Carol visited the twins with me a couple of times and she brought a jumper, which Isabella promptly put on. As always, she pestered Carol for her bag several times. I finally let her hold on to my plastic bag containing the harnesses and my umbrella.

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The McEacherns said...

That's funny! If the 5 year old is smart enough to know that you've got a lot to juggle, imagine what twin 4 year olds might attempt! Yikes!

Dave Baldacchino said...

Don't remind me lol! At least I'll have a week and a half at least with them in the apartment before the long journey home. I'm confident we're gonna do fine though :)