Ten Days - Over!

The waiting period is officially over! But what does that really mean?

Well, usually if this happens during the week, it means we could go pick up the court decree and we can then take the kids out of the orphanage. This makes them part of the family for sure. However since it’s a Saturday, we have to wait till Monday to get the court decree. However, we’re not taking them out right away.

I’m sure you’re probably asking “But why?!”. Well, we have to get birth certificates from their birth town (2 1/2 hours away) and some tax ID paperwork. Unfortunately they’re not open on Monday. The reason I was given is that “they work Saturdays to process weddings, so they close on Mondays”. This means that our translator will probably travel on Monday afternoon to get the court decree and then we’ll travel to their birth-town on Tuesday. If all goes well and we get the birth certificates on Tuesday (hmmmmmm…..) then we’ll pick the kids up on Wednesday and get their passports started. This means that they won’t be ready this week. But guess what? Monday will be a make-up holiday for Sunday’s Constitution holiday! Meaning the passports will not get done probably until Tuesday 30th June.

My ticket out of Kiev is for Friday 3rd July, but I think it’s highly unlikely we’ll be done by then. Even if we are, I doubt we’ll be able to get tickets for the twins on the same flights, which means another ticket change and we’ll probably push travel to after that weekend.

The only positive I could draw from pushing the date of passports further down is that Isaac’s bumps and scratches on his face could heal by then, making him look better in his picture ;) See what I’m talking about in the photo below, taken yesterday. PS: Obviously you could argue he’ll get MORE of them by then!


This morning Isabella wouldn’t come back to me after I let go of her hand. There was a caregiver’s daughter (a little trouble-maker) and she went running around with her. I kept walking with Isaac, climbing steps, etc. and in under 5 minutes, I hear crying. Then Isabella and this girl show up from the back-side of the building, with a pretty bad scratch on her elbow (see the green in the picture above? Same spot, but a lot larger now!). So I gave her some tough love, told her that’s what happens when she doesn’t listen to Papa, gave no hugs (wasn’t easy lol!) and I think she got it. The other girl left and Isabella held my hand with no complaints.

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Lisa, Chris & Lucas said...

Congratulations on this wonderful milestone! Hopefully the rest of the process will go smoothly without too many bumps. Enjoy this calm before the storm (of paperwork). Before you know it you will be on that plane bound for home...the greatest word in the English language at this stage of the game.

BTW...happy Father's day! I hope your first Father's day has been poignant and unforgettable. Even though the kids don't understand yet what this day means, someday they will...and it will be pure joy! That first handmade Father's day card will reduce you to mush.

Please also extend a happy Father's day to John for us as well.


Dave Baldacchino said...

Thanks a lot :) I guess I'm not officially a father yet haha. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get the court decree in the afternoon and then on to more paperwork on Tuesday. Happy Father's Day to Chris! I'll let John know. He and Carol came to visit the kids this afternoon and then we went for coffee at the end.

Brigitte said...

Gotta love kids with all their "independence" So glad you are at the end of the 10 days. Maybe things will fall into place quicker than you think, but if not, enjoy the rest of your time there! I am missing some things for sure! But we are glad to be home! Miss talking to you!