One week home

I didn’t realize so many of you were reading! Sorry, but things got hectic once we got home and I didn’t make time to write an update. How insensitive of me :) Brandy, Helen told me everything about you. Feel free to knock on our door when you’re in our area ;)

So, the trip back home went pretty well. They obviously wiggled, complained, cried, whined, figured out the seat-belt buckles, etc., but for having their first plane ride be a 9 1/2 hour flight, they did great. The stewards were very helpful and nice to the kids, and they pampered them with hugs, kisses, goodies and walks around the cabin. That really helped a lot since they only slept for maybe 30 minutes total!

Once we landed at JFK airport (2 1/2 hours late due to a delay), they became officially US citizens. The Immigration officers were very nice too, and a lady officer from Poland took care of us and helped with our luggage. She gave the twins some goodies too and was very sweet with them. We got to the security checkpoint, and the TSA workers were not as nice (I’ll refrain from using foul language but that’s all I can think of to describe their behavior). There were probably 7 or 8 of them and not a single one of them lifted a hand to help. They pretty much disrupted us and it took a while to get everything back together (Isaac in the stroller, shoes and jackets back on, etc). Isaac started banging on the metal shelves and when I saw that I was getting no help, I let him have at it. One TSA lady was getting very annoyed and was yelling but I totally ignored her. Finally, after putting Isaac in the stroller, they told me there was no way to climb up to the next level with that stroller as there was only an escalator. I told them we’d be fine and one lady rudely started telling me “Disclaimer: we told you what could happen”. I told her that we came along this far, a stupid escalator was not going to hold us back. Obviously they didn’t even offer to help (the foul language is coming back to me!). One TSA guy said he’d help. However that didn’t happen. We obviously made it up the escalator just fine. This Papa was unstoppable!

Anyway, we had a couple of hours to kill so we walked around. I started teaching Isabella how to say “nice” and kept repeating it whenever we saw something nice, like new flooring, an atrium, etc. She kept saying it over and over, even when we were passing through cruddy corridors! It was quite funny. The next flight was a small regional jet (2 rows of seats on either side) and both the twins and myself took a decent nap for the 3 1/2 hour flight.

DSC07732We landed 40 minutes earlier than scheduled, which was great. So by 9:35pm, we were being driven in to the baggage claim on an electric car. There we saw Lori and Cynthia waiting, and the kids started waving and calling Mama. Our good friends O and Gary came by to greet us too and O took some photos of us.


Here’s Gary getting to know Isaac by letting him play with his keys.




Here we are exiting the airport with Cynthia and Gary offering a helping hand ,while O walked ahead of us all and snapped on like a true pro :)




Here are the kids waiting to take their first car ride in the US. I thought they would fuss about the seat belts but they didn’t complain a bit.




Once we got home, we showed them up to their bedrooms and gave them a couple of gifts from our friends. They seemed to like their rooms but I’m sure they were too overwhelmed to really digest it all. And they were obviously tired. We went to sleep soon after. For the first few nights, they slept in the same bed but now they’re not minding sleeping separately.

The rest of the week has been filled with doctor appointments, dentist visits, driving to the mall, Sams Club, Wal-Mart and a trip to the office I work at. They’ve been behaving really good (thanks Carol for your help breaking them in!!). They love riding in the car. Isabella keeps saying “Niiiice!” over and over at anything she sees. Isaac is also beginning to pick it up too. We also stopped to eat at Jack in the Box and Chili’s. These kids EAT!

We have been jumping for a swim in the pool almost daily. They can’t get enough of it! I won’t go into detail today but will post on that another time, perhaps with some video clips too. We can’t believe how they took to swimming, jumping and diving already! They’re like little fish and love to splash around a lot.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we have a second dentist appointment for Isabella to fix a cavity. Isaac has an overbite and this could be one of the causes of his speech delay. We’ll be visiting an orthodontist to see what can be done. Tomorrow we’ll also start looking into speech therapy. Next week on Thursday they have a visit with a pediatrician and we’re working on Isaac’s hospital referral for his other medical issues in the meantime. We also plan on signing them up for pre-K in the first week of August in a nearby Elementary School campus. Busy times!

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Julia said...

Welcome home! I enjoyed following your journey. We are now in Ukraine adopting our little boy. I will continue to follow now that you are home so hopefully you will continue blogging.

Christine said...

HI again. I didn't realize I was posting using my daughter's account. so I posted again. :)

brandy.gailey said...

Dave thanks so much for doing such a great blog, I bug Helen all the time for information. It has been an exciting experience I'm sure. I have really enjoyed reading about everything. I'm so glad everyone made it home safely and from what I hear Isaac & Isabella are so happy and just enjoying life. You and Lori have givin them such a great gift. Welcome to parenthood! Also Helen was telling me about Marsha, I'm crossing my fingers that works out as well.

Brigitte said...

Welcome Home!! I have been anticipating an update!! Glad all is going well! How are YOU two doing adjusting to life with two kids?? Miss you guys!! Wish we lived closer! Someday!!

The McEacherns said...

I was waiting for this update! Glad to hear that you all made it home safe and sound, and looking forward to seeing how the kids progress and adjust to their new life in America! Blessings!

adopting2fromUkraine said...

So glad to see you made it home safely! We're praying to walk through those same corridors in a little over a week!


Lisa, Chris & Lucas said...

I too have been anxiously anticipating this post. I'm so glad everything is going well.

Are you planning to take them to the International Adoption Clinic at Texas Children's? I highly recommend them. They will do developmental and physical testing specifically geared towards internationally adopted kids.

I hope your next few weeks continues with great memories as you all learn how to be a family together.


Dave Baldacchino said...

Thanks Chrisitne. We will be following your trip too. Brandy, I promise to keep updating :) Although you have a reporter in Helen lol!

Hi Brigitte! Too bad we only had the opportunity to meet once. We would have had a great time with you guys. Maybe someday :) We'll try catch you on Skype.

McEacherns, we'll be following your journey too and we wish you all the best. It'll have ups and downs but you'll do just fine and I'm sure you'll meet the kids you're looking for.

June, we can't wait to see you finish up this adoption. We'll come meet you once you settle. The kids love riding ;)

Lisa, thanks a ton for that info. I honestly didn't know about it. We did find the Blue Bird Clinic and have a referral for Isaac's epilepsy visit put in. I just called them and they're calling us back. We'll give you a call too if you don't mind :)

Lisa, Chris & Lucas said...

We didn't know about it either until we took Lucas to the pediatrician for the first time and she requested that we take him there first. Most pediatricians have very little experience with IA kids so the report that TCH sends to them helps them to formulate a plan. We took Emma there too.

Yes...call anytime! We're home most evenings and weekends.

Tina Jameson said...

Glad you have the kids home finally..I hope thing are going well. Keep us updated if you have time Dave. I sure enjoy reading about all the "fun" you and the kids are having.. Welcome to parenthood....

Dave Baldacchino said...

Hi Tina! Glad you're reading along :) I promise to keep writing. In fact that's what I'm about to do instead of going to bed lol!