Routine in visuals

In the last post I said it all in words. This time, I’ll say it mostly in photos and a couple of short video clips. Obviously it has to be done late at night once the kids are fast asleep. Most photos courtesy of Carol; my hands were full!

Day 2

Isaac and Isabella day 2 003

Carol and I ventured with the twins to Celentano after a morning walk for a coffee. It was a test and turned out to be a success!



Isaac and Isabella day 2 005

Isabella munching away at lunch. I always hold Isaac on my lap as he doesn’t quite make it to a good level with the table and he still needs some help (to avoid huge messes). He’s doing amazing progress.



The twins Day 2 008


Our first visit to the Billa supermarket. Isaac loved riding in the cart while Carol wrestled merchandise out of Isabella’s tight grips.



The twins Day 2 022 I love this photo..you don’t mess with papa’s food! You can see Isabella trying to snatch it. I obviously had to give her one of those chilling looks. However I turned my head without resetting it right as Carol snapped this photo in the evening at another visit to Celentano for pizza, together with hubby John.

The twins Day 2 030

Yep, the girl loves ice-cream! It took a while for Isaac to warm up to it, but now he loves it too. He wasn’t too sure about the cold sensation. The little guy seems very sensitive to hot and cold extremes.



The twins Day 2 021



Proof #1 that Papa is a tease!




Day 3

The twins day 3 009

Playing with stickers at Celentano (no, there’s not much to do in Nikopol lol!). One of the many hats that Carol has worn is that of educator and entertainer. I sure as heck didn’t know kids liked to play with stickers!


The twins day 3 018


Isaac wasn’t much into stickers, however if I make a goof out of myself…then he’s hooked.




And here’s Isabella reciting the numbers 1 through 10 in English. Her mama started this and I just kept up the repetition. She’s doing excellent!

Day 4

The twins day 4 018

Don’t mess with Isabella’s food. Proof #2 that Papa is a tease! Yes, I wore the same shirt 2 days in a row.  If you did laundry by hand, you’d sympathize. Carol did our laundry a few times though as I have virtually no time left for it!


The twins day 4 027




A typical afternoon stroll. The kids love “Aunty” Carol, although Isabella just calls her “Tii”, which is as if saying “Hey you!”; in a sort of friendly Ukrainian way.





The twins day 4 023On our way we had yet another lesson on how to handle animals. Within a couple of days, they’ve come a long way. The first encounter with a docile cat in the orphanage didn’t go very smooth (I feel sorry for the cat…tail pulling, ear squeezing…just too much excitement!). The “kiita” handling went very well.


The twins day 4 031


The visit to the orphanage went great. They thought we were taking them back lol! The twin’s friends were very happy to see us back for some more play and running around.



The twins day 4 046


The caregivers never miss an opportunity to tell Isabella to listen to papa. Kirill and Marsha join in for a photo-op.



Day 5

The twins day 5 013




At the usual morning coffee-walk, Isaac gives an “I’m a superstar” pose.






The twins day 5 023



A group hug, followed by a nose-press with “Aunty” Carol. Quite cute!



The twins day 5 027 


Lunch on papa. Isaac cleans his plate…




The twins day 5 031



…and so does his sister!




The twins day 5 049


Pretending to be a little witch on a broomstick. By the way, sticks and twigs are plentiful around here.



The twins day 5 056



Ahhhh, the man and his truck.




Day 6

Need I add words? They LOVE water!

The twins at the beach 012



We couldn’t get them out of the water!




The twins at the beach 031 

They got cold as the water was quite chilly (loved it!). After warming up a bit, they jumped back in. This went on for several cycles. Isaac went for a walk with Carol as he wanted to swing and walk on the sand.


The twins at the beach 015



Fear of not knowing how to swim?? No way!



The twins at the beach 066


We keep bumping into caregivers everywhere we go. I’m not complaining :) They love to see the kids and so do they.




The twins day 6 003

“Puppy”, one of the neighborhood dogs, demonstrates how to deal with kids and provides the props for yet another lesson in animal handling. At least now the kids are slightly used to animals, before meeting our house pets.

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The McEacherns said...

Fabulous pics! When it's out turn, I hope we find two little girls as cute as Isabella! She has the prettiest eyes. I love the pic of you tossing Isaac in the air... joy and trust and fun- that's what a little boy's life should be like!

Christine said...

I can't believe I didn't find your blog sooner! I have enjoyed catching up on your blog. Your children are just gorgeous! I*t looks like you followed our Ukraine train adventure to adopt Dennis and now we are returning next weekend to adopt Alexsey, a 4 year old boy with spina bifida. We will be in Kiev on the 12th and 13th. By chance do you think you will be there?

Christine said...

BTW, I hope you don't mind but I added your blog to our smiling all the way back adoption blog.

Dave Baldacchino said...

Thanks McEacherns :) I'm sure you'll find a couple little angels like our kids. Just have faith and don't be afraid if they have some issues. Nothing is impossible to improve. You'll know when you meet them.

Hi Christine, yes I did follow and still do so :) You know, Alexsey would have been our choice hadn't they shown us our kids!! But we really wanted a sibling group and he was our next pick believe it or not. He has a gorgeous look and beautiful eyes. You're lucky to have each other. PS: I don't know how you guys do it with all those kids lol!