Birthday and more fun!

We’re now 5 years old!

They probably still don’t know what this celebration was all about, but it won’t take much longer for sure. We held their first party on Saturday at Chuck E. Cheese and let me tell you…my head still hurts thinking about it. My wife had it all planned out and it seems to be some sort of “must” for every kid to have a party there. I don’t feel deprived at all for not having been born in the US and missing out on such a party. I’m not no sure I want to EVER set foot again in that place. It was sooo crowded and noisy and…full of hyper kids! But then what do we do with the remaining tokens?

We had a lot of fun though and so did the twins. Isabella was fascinated at the big rat, especially the mechanical one on the stage. She kept opening up the curtains and peeking in. Then once the big guy came out to sing for all the birthday kids, they wouldn’t let him go! It was quite funny to see. A good number of our friends came along and we’re glad to have had their company on this special day.

Oh, the cakes; Lori decided to do one for each. It won’t be hard to guess which one’s who’s. Did I say that right?

IMG_3541 IMG_3540 

IMG_3533On Friday (their birthday) we went to a car show at George R. Brown Convention Center. My dad loved it and the kids behaved pretty well as we walked around tons of cars and custom bikes. Isaac was in heaven with all the wheels around him. I really enjoyed the show cars at the front entry.


Finally last Sunday, we went to the Wortham Center in downtown Houston to see The Nutcracker. The kids did really good and seem to have liked it a lot. It was funny to hear Isaac scream after acts that he really liked. He surely showed his enthusiasm!

Grandma and Grandpa left for Malta last Tuesday. Isabella threw a fit when she realized Isaac will go back to sleep in his bedroom from now on. It took a few minutes to calm her down but somehow I managed to put a stop to the melt-down. They enjoyed the last two months of sleeping together, but now we’re back to our usual routine. They have to wake up early to go to pre-school and being separated helps them sleep faster since it avoids the usual goofing off! Hopefully once I get back to normal working hours (project deadline looming…long days, short nights, no weekends) we can get the new bikes that grandpa and grandma bought for their birthday out to the park and bite some dust.

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S and T said...

Hi Dave and Lori,
The kids are growing. The are adorable! You have been very busy. I saw an email evite about the kids party after it had already passed. I never received the invitation. I'm sorry we missed the party. Sharon

Dave Baldacchino said...

Hi Sharon! I'm so sorry the Evite didn't beat the spam blocker :( I should have followed up with an email but it slipped through the cracks (waaaay too much going on, especially work). Oh well, another time, maybe some activity for CHristmas time!

Sue Merriam said...

Thanks so much for sharing your adoption journey with everyone. It's so encouraging to know you can pursue an adoption without paying the costly agency fees.

Bless you!