Earth Day

I’ve gotten tons of emails about Earth Day today. The building management of the office I work in had some snacks for everyone (green drinks and lots of colored cookies). Ironically the cups were disposable ;) Not very earth-friendly eh?

Earth Day was apparently discussed at pre-school too. Lori just called about the lesson that Isabella’s class was having. The teacher was talking about what happens to things after we don’t need them anymore, such as clothes. They talked about what happens to their clothes once they don’t fit anymore and Isabella promptly raised her hand and said “I give them to Isaac”. Ahhh, kids….truth be told, Isaac is fascinated by clothes and he gets upset if Lori buys Isabella a dress and she doesn’t let him try it. I can tell you that we have plenty of photos of Isaac in drag but we’ll keep those safe for future ridicule in private.

Standing Crossed Arms Speaking of Isaac, he’s been having some great days lately and we’re very happy about that! Especially since he’s doing so without stimulant medication and seems to be able to control his moods and behavior just fine. All of a sudden he’s even less aggressive and impulsive, which is great. I can’t believe they got him to pose for pictures at his pre-school! Ear-tube surgery went flawlessly, no pain or anything. They put in long-term tubes that might last up to 2 years. I just wish the doctor had said something about not being able to wet his ears after surgery BEFORE we decided to do it. We were told “no pool, no baths for 2 years”. Are you friggin’ kidding me?? Needless to say that’s not going to happen and we’ll figure out ways to use ear plugs, caps, even duct tape if necessary. The kid LOVES water and we’re surely not keeping him from enjoying it.

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