Tooth Fairy

Things between the US and the rest of the world always differ. It’s “candy” in the US but “sweets” in Europe. It’s “pantyhose” in the US (what a flattering description) but “tights” in Europe. I could go on and on, but I digress. So even kid’s myths vary. In the US we have the Tooth Fairy, who brings you money for the baby teeth you lose and stow under your pillow. In Europe the tale is that you bury them in soil like seeds and they grow into trees. At least that’s what my mum said so it must be true!

Anyway, I did some reading, looked at several pictures (btw, I thought this one was hilarious, albeit quite gory), and why you ask? Well, Isabella’s two front lower teeth are jiggling! They started Monday and Lori had to tell her the US version of the story. She got very excited and has been trying to wiggle her teeth off (remember that picture I linked to above? That’s what I’m expecting to find on the pillow in the morning!!). The little girl is surely growing fast.

A year ago today, we saw our kid’s photos for the first time during the SDA appointment. We actually don’t have a copy of those photos, although they’re still imprinted in my mind. I remember Isabella looking all ruffled up as if she had just finished wrestling with someone. Isaac looked a bit more made-up and clean. We flipped back and forth through all files but kept returning to theirs. And then a few days later, we met. So much has changed since then.

SDA Anniversary

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