One year down

It’s hard to believe, but exactly one year ago, the kids became US citizens and slept in their own bedroom for the first time. I can safely say it was the longest day of my life, traveling with two kids that were not easy to control! But a lot has IMG_3738changed since then, and even though we still have to keep an invisible leash on them (especially Isaac of course), they’re much easier to handle nowadays. And look at how excited we all are!

So in the evening we went out for dinner to celebrate. The weather has been nasty around here and it won’t stop raining. Being cooler than usual, we sat outside. It was a nice reminder of all the times we ate out while in Nikopol. We even had Greek Salad! So I made sure to take an unflattering picture of everyone with their mouth open first…

IMG_3737 IMG_3735IMG_3736





I’m not exactly sure what I did to deserve this dirty look, but it was worth posting. Then I took another photo of the seemingly giant pizza. But don’t worry, it’s just an optical illusion and yes, we have left-overs to spare.



The kids then ran around a bit around the outside shops at the nearby mall, as the air continued to sprinkle lightly. Isaac’s gait is still not where it needs to be especially when running, but he’s much more coordinated than he used to be.


Letting go of their hands and trusting they’ll come back when called was something we struggled with for some time. Yes, especially Isaac. I find myself repeating that quite often, don’t I?? Baby steps I guess.

Anyway, at least the other good news is that I’m employed once again. I was quite lucky as I know of some colleagues that lost their job last year and still have not landed on a good position. A few others managed to find something after about 6 months or so of intense looking and interviewing.

IMG_3743So with all the ups and downs, I think both Lori and I agree that we cannot imagine life without the little critters. Yes, there are plenty of times where we feel otherwise, but those pass away quickly. Lori still puts Isaac to bed and I do my duties with Isabella. Head rocking is now pretty much gone and she always wants me to lay down “a bittle bit” beside her as she dozes off. It’s one of the nicest moments of the day for me and in most cases, it takes under 10 minutes for her to calm down and doze off. They’re both making up all those years of missed, loving contact and we’re happy to be there to let them indulge. Yes, especially Isaac!

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SMolly said...

Small world...I work in architecture (note: "in architecture" as in "not licensed"), use Revit and have two adopted kids. My son is from Russia (Vladivostok - far SE)and daughter is from China.
My son is nine this year - we made one trip to get him in 2001. Our daughter is three. As longtime members of our local FRUA http://www.orgsites.com/wa/frua-inc/ group I have found other families with children from Russia and eastern europe to the be greatest comfort and source of infomation on the issues facing my son. And believe me there have been many. I love your blog and would encourage you to look for the Texas FRUA chapter. I wish you the best with your journey.

Dave Baldacchino said...

Hi there! I want to get the licensing out of the way soon so I don't have to explain anymore haha.

Thanks for leaving a message and telling us about your family. As for FRUA, I looked a while back and even tried emailing but no one responded. It seems quite dead and has since joined several Yahoo groups on post-adoption issues, FAS, etc. I'll try and take a look again. Perhaps things have changed since my last visit.

Thanks for reading and good luck to you too! Take care.