Fence and paperwork

Finally half the fence posts are up! The husband of a friend of Lori's does some side work and him (Enrique) and his cousin Daniel are building our fence. Thanks to Scott, a co-worker of mine who lent us his 2-men auger, they dug most of the post holes pretty quick. Some old concrete and tree roots slowed them down and they had to resort to break it up by hand. Enrique forgot to bring most of his tools so I let him use mine and told him I'm going charge by the hour or request a hefty discount!


Yesterday I received an email from Cathy Harris about new dossier requirements that will come in effect on the 1st of December. I haven't heard news from our translator about the dossier, so I'm pretty sure that we'll need to gather this new required documentation, have it apostilled and send it over to Ukraine. We're waiting for confirmation, still hoping that it'll be submitted before December 1st, but we're not holding high hopes. Some medical paperwork will need to be redone soon but our (new) doctor said he won't need to re-test us since we did a full physical less than 6 months ago.

Unlike the previous doctor, he'll give us a copy of his license accompanied by a notarized affidavit. Earlier this year, we had to get the information through the state as the previous doctor was concerned about "identity theft" and would not give us a copy of his license. You could tell how hard he'd work for the health of our family in the future ;) So, we dumped him! When visiting him, we were lucky to get a full 100 seconds of face time (yes, you had to measure in seconds). The new doctor is a lot calmer, nicer, takes his time and is more in touch with technology.

As to notarizing documents such as licenses, passports etc. that were issued by specific jurisdictions, in Texas a notary is not allowed to notarize them. The only thing they can do is to notarize an affidavit and the State can then apostille the copy and affidavit as one document. I learned my lesson last September and this time I'll make sure to be right the first time. In the meantime we'll keep waiting to see if we have to meet the new requirements.

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