New Requirements

As expected, our dossier was not submitted and thus, we have to meet some new requirements. There are some additional copies of documents and some verbiage tweaks in the homestudy that we need to take care of. Nothing that complicated. We already knew that around this time we'll have to start thinking about updating some documents.

In mid-October, dossiers were being submitted via a "live line", where the translator/facilitator would get in line with a list to submit. I'm not sure how it works but from some comments that our translator made, she didn't seem to like it much and is hoping that there's no live line in January/February when they re-open and start accepting dossiers again. After the coming week, we'll start gathering paperwork and mailing out for apostilling (marriage license needs to go to Tallahassee - Florida, and the rest will go to Austin - Texas). There's no point in taking a drive there this time since there's no real reason to rush. Since mailing things takes time especially during Christmas, we'll hurry as much as possible on our side to avoid unexpected delays.

We have plenty to do in preparation, so this will give us more time to get organized and continue with our research and reading :) Our fence is still not done. It rained hard last night and  probably would get too muddy to work. At least the posts are all set now. Lori spent the day decorating for Christmas and I helped a bit. I spent most of my time getting ready for AU and finished some electrical work in the master bath. The new light fixtures look awesome and we can't wait to repaint and install new mirrors. But I have to finish adding a circuit with a switch and an outlet, so now you know my schedule for next weekend!

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