Dossier still in the works

The goal-posts keep shifting! There have been numerous requirement changes over the last few months and just a few minutes ago, we learned that there are some more, some of which affect changes they changed in December. Makes sense?

Our doctor still has not completed our Doctor's forms and license copies. I have been calling daily, almost begging and offering to take a Public Notary to his office. I really have no clue why he's failing to see the urgency in this matter. Every week or month lost waiting means that we'll have to re-update the documents earlier if the dossier is not submitted by the expiration date. And that means less than 5 months from now.

Tomorrow we'll redo our Employment Letters and Letters of Obligation. This week our real estate agent Cathy Jones, helped us by getting a report on our house notarized together with a copy of her license. And we just got word that now they won't accept this either and we'll have to get some other document from the County appraiser!! So I'll have to find out tomorrow and get it rolling. Thanks for your help Cathy! You're the best :)

We're still hoping to have everything ready for apostilling by the end of the week. I might have to go to the county office rather than use mail to get the house description. Then off to Austin and the UPS store. Fingers crossed!

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