Dossier update

Well, just as I thought I was on top of the situation, turns out I was wrong! I knew about the six month rule (every document except licenses that you don't have control over, has to have at least 6 months before it expires, on the date the dossier is submitted). Earlier in September, Cathy sent us an email with all the documents we had faxed her (she checks them before you Apostille the documents). She had expiration dates by some documents and I assumed those were the only ones that needed updated when that date approached. Bad assumption!

There are other documents now that will start expiring in mid-February and March, so it's in our best interest to update the whole enchilada and send the whole updated dossier over at once. Ok, I learned the lesson...

So today I scrambled to figure out what else is missing, printed everything out and have them ready to notarize. I managed to get a fingerprinting appointment tomorrow at 8:40am (this is how we'll get the State Criminal Clearance reports) and after we finish, we'll go to my office (not really mine, but you know what I mean!), where our good friend Arlene will notarize the documents and affidavits for us. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, the clearance reports will be in our possession. So our doctor now has some more time to finish his side of the equation. If I don't hear anything from him by next week, I'll be offering to take a Notary to his office. You guessed it, I'll take Arlene for a good lunch, go to his office to get it done and then back to work. It's good to have friends eh? :)

We're still shooting to be done by the end of the month. It's going to be a stretch and we might have to settle for the first week of February. I've pretty much decided that I'll do a repeat of last September, where I'll drive to Austin, get everything Apostilled and fork out another $150 or so in UPS shipping fees. But at least we would get back in the submission line and forgo having to update the dossier again. Every day counts in this process. Wish us luck!

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