Move 1

We just completed our first move to a different apartment on the same street, closer to the square and on the opposite side of the road. The apartment is not as nicely finished as the first one, but it has its perks…a softer bed! In fact Lori is already deep in her dreams. She didn’t sleep much last night. I did pretty good, from around 3am till 10am, waking up several times in between. We turned on the fan to dry the clothes and I think that helped mask the road noise. Another perk: washing machine in English instructions! We didn’t need that now, but, oh well.

By the way, I jumped the gun when I blamed the singing on the homeless guys. Shame on me. I missed noticing several bars and pubs on the street and I think it was their customers leaving at the wee hours of the morning being noisy. Sorry!

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