Strolling through Kiev

Yesterday we walked around the city before and after picking up our referral IMG_2492around 4pm. It was a cloudy day and the sun kept peeking in and out. Here’s the side entrance to the SDA.

We took some pictures and strolled randomly around the city. After going back on Kreschatyk street, we took an alternate route back to our apartment. Lori kept asking me whether I knew where I was going and I kept reassuring her that I knew where I wanted to go, but not necessarily whether we were on the right track! My sense of direction is quite good and we made it back safely.

Before we turned west, we entered a shopping mall and bought a couple of toys to break the ice when meeting A&M on Monday in Nikopol, in the Dnipropetrovs’k region. We learned that M is in the hospital and we don’t know anything about his condition or why he’s there. Olga couldn’t find more details so we’ll have to wait and see. Sunday we have to move for one night to another apartment and then Sasha will fly us…errr…drive us there in about 6 hours. We couldn’t get train tickets so instead we’ll go by car, leaving at 4am on Monday morning, which will work perfectly with our recent sleep patterns!

People walk really fast here; get out of their way as they’re rushing through the underground maze to catch the train or they’ll thread on you. We made it inside the station and couldn’t get out. It was funny and we had to force our way through the entry doors during rush hour after several nice attempts to get out.

Here are some images of this gorgeous city (click to enlarge).

IMG_2472 IMG_2515

IMG_2482 IMG_2509 IMG_2513

IMG_2518 IMG_2524

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adopting2fromUkraine said...

Isn't the architecture there gorgeous? The only difference between the plane and the car is that the car flies on the ground:0 LOL

Did you ever get closer to the river? There is a park that follows the river behind St. Michael's but you never get very close. If you ride the Funicular, also behind St. Michael's, you can walk past (another) McDonald's) across the very busy street and get fairly close. We saw some beach area, but I'm not sure how you would get there. I've seen people on blogs go on boat rides also. Not sure how you do that either. (BTW-I've heard there are at least 12 McDonald's in Kiev)


Dave Baldacchino said...

Yes, the details on these buildings are outstanding. As to the cars, the other difference is the fuel ;)

Have not made it closer to the river yet. Yesterday we spent most of the time in the square and Kreschatyk amongst the crowd, enjoying the music. I'll post about that shortly. It's cloudy and rainy today so we'll see whether we venture out (if I can get Lori out of this new bed...she's rattling the walls!).

S and T said...

It is a beautiful city! June is right about the plane and the car. Our facilitator drove us from Kiev to Odessa. He got pulled over 7 times for speeding. There was only one seat belt in the car that worked and I had it! Your blog is great! Sharon

Dave Baldacchino said...

Hi Sharon, we laughed a lot on our trip. Every time there was a cop, the cars coming from the opposite direction where blinking their lights at us. So we never got pulled over. And our driver was doing the same once he passed the cops lol!