We have read of other families’ experiences with taking snacks for their kids and having them literally devoured in seconds. This is not a hype!

Let’s just say Lori and I could not believe our own eyes. Here we were sitting with Isabella. We took one fairly sized banana and we thought we’ll split it between them. I mean, how much could that little stomach hold, right? WRONG! We had to yank it away from her to leave a few bites for her brother!

Since then we’ve started either taking them separate snacks or cut up fruit and let them eat with a spoon. This is helping them understand the concept of sharing. They both act very possessive towards the bowl and we have to referee and slow Isabella down or she’ll chunk it all down before Isaac has time to blink. She selectively eats the banana pieces (seems like they’re her favorite) and he seems to really like grapes.

IMG_2641On other days we’ve taken fruit juices. Isaac doesn’t seem to like nectars such as mango and peaches. In fact he ends up playing with the box and pressing the darn thing, making a mess of his clothes and ours. His favorites are grape and apple juice, but he does take a while to drink them. He tends to tilt the juice box up to finish the last bit and we all know that won’t go through the straw. You try correcting him by holding it down and he complains as he doesn’t want anyone to touch it.

We have also taken some animal cookies that don’t look anything like animals. Once again Isabella was stuffing them in her mouth three at a time. We managed to turn it into a bit of a game by having them give someone else a cookie instead of eating it themselves. So we hand one to Isaac and tell him to give it to his sister. While he seems to enjoy giving away more than eating himself, Isabella would prefer to stuff her face instead! When I started trying to get her to share, she reluctantly gave it to her mom. I remember holding the cookie bag and finally said, “here, give one to papa” and opened my mouth. The result was a cookie in her mouth and a giggly smile that span her entire face, while I sulked in vain.


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