First words

Isaac will need a lot of help to develop language. We’ve observed him pick at his ears sometimes and wonder if he has something that could be contributing to his speech delay. Anyway, in just a few visits, we’re encouraged to see him pick up some words that we’ve been telling him. Most of his speech is comprised of “aaabbaaaaa” or “aaaddaaaa”. So we slowly started telling him “maaamaaa” and “paaapaaa” but that wasn’t getting us anywhere as he would say “aaammaaaa” and “aaappaaaa”. So yesterday I tried saying “mamamama” and “papapapa” real fast and below you can see and hear the result. He seems to be able to emulate other sounds as well, such as a car horn. I’m perhaps a hopeless optimist sometimes but to us, this is quite encouraging.

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Daniel Hurtubise said...

Those kids couldn't find anyone better then the 2 of you. Im happy for you and the kids.

Now let's teach them Revit ;-)

Dave Baldacchino said...

Great idea, I know this great Canadian consultant...... ;)

adopting2fromUkraine said...

Cute video! It is amazing what one on one attention will do for a child.

We'll certainly keep in touch with ya'll once we arrive on Monday the 8th. A friend's letting us borrow their phone and I'll send you the number before we get there.


Kevin and Tammy said...

Great video. It us so fun to watch you interact with them. Enjoy