I don’t know what it is, but ever since we got here, the kids have shown a fascination with sunglasses. They both take turns putting on Lori’s pair, while I skillfully chose not to bring mine along to the orphanage. Yes, I don’t like scratched sunglasses!

Isabella was the one trying them on her own first. Isaac wanted to try them too but they kept falling off, so he would hand them over to me, blink his eyes and that was the signal to put them on. It’s really funny when he does that, especially when he walks with his head tilted up to prevent them from falling off. Sadly, we have not managed to snap a shot yet because he gets tired of them quickly.

IMG_2599 IMG_2624

So it comes as no surprise what one of the first gifts we got them was. It took us a while to find kid’s sunglasses and then we finally realized that one of the shops on the opposite side of the street that we turn on to get to our apartment sold them. Here’s Isabella assisting her brother and another photo of Isaac putting them on himself (before flinging them across the yard).


In contrast, Isabella is very fond of her pair, shows them off to everyone (she spent the next 2 days running to everyone in the orphanage, taking them off so they can get a closer look and putting them back on), and is very careful not to drop or damage them. She’s even been imitating mama in raising them above her eyes and onto her head, calling on papa to take a look and giggle. She gets very mad at Isaac for mistreating his and starts mumbling at him in Russian…very cute!


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Conethia and Jim Bob said...

I wanted to say you have the most beautiful kids! Precious!

Dave Baldacchino said...

Thanks guys :) Aizley and Colton are adorable too! They really seem to be enjoying the outdoor life. Aizley is finally posing for the camera lol!

adopting2fromUkraine said...

Isn't it amazing how the children find a way to get their point across? We were asked in court how we were going to communicate with Karina. They meant since we didn't know Russian. I should have just said, she finds ways to get her point across. About Isaac throwing his, that's a typical boy! lol Isabella has probably always taken care of Isaac. You're right. Too cute;)

Looks like we'll have to go to the dollar store and buy a few pair to bring with us in TWO WEEKS!!


Dave Baldacchino said...

Yes, we've been doing a lot of signing and it's worked out fine. We learned a couple of words here and there (one of the most important is "I need to go pee"...wish Isaac would llearn that!).

We're so excited you'll be coming over so soon. You might meet Lori in Kiev, depending on when she leaves to go back home. We decided to have her go back to save her FMLA and spend that time home with the kids. They need a lot of attention and we can stretch it till September that way. It's gonna be fun travelling with 2 kids on my own!!

Lisa, Chris & Lucas said...

Dave and Lori...I'm so happy for you!! I'm just getting caught up! You are in Nikopol...that is where Emma is from. Small world. Two more Nikopol kids in Houston!! I don't know if you remember from our trip that we met an amazing English couple living in Nikopol. They were absolute angels in the midst of all the adoption "stuff". Carol has encouraged me to let her know if any other families are adopting from Nikopol because she is a great resource to have. You may have already seen her at the orphanage as she volunteers at the baby house frequently. Her email address is ccrowther1957@yahoo.com. Please e-mail her...you will be so glad you did (and tell them we say hi).

Dave Baldacchino said...

Thanks so much for the email. I'll see if we can get in touch with them. I knew I read about Nikopol somwhere but totally forgot it was you that adopted from here. Your blog was the first one I read almost exactly a year ago!

The orphanage is not the same as I don't recognize it from the pictures. But I think we went there to meet the social worker. It's not very far from the orphanage we're in and they told us that one houses kids ages 3 to 18 years. The one we're in supposedly is for kids up to 4.

We pass the 1944 memorial 4 times a day between our apartment and the internat, which is a few blocks from it and the grocery store, by a building that looks like a civic center (I think it has a gym as we can hear baseketball noises there; maybe even a theatre). I'll take some pictures of the surroundings in the coming days. Thanks for posting!

Lisa, Chris & Lucas said...

Oh...I feel like I'm right there with you. The 1944 tank is how we got our bearings. Yes, you are in the baby orphanage and we were in the other one. Our apartment was only 2 blocks from our orphanage. There's a really good restaurant on the main street with pictures of penguins. They sometimes have someone who speaks English, though you could moo, cluck or oink like we did to get what you want. I'd love to see some pictures. Carol sends me some occasionally and it feels like we never left. It is a great city. The fruit and vegetables from the street vendors were the best we've ever had. Enjoy your time there, you'll want to leave soon enough but you'll undoubtedly miss it when you are home.

MamaPoRuski said...

Too Precious!