I wanna ride my bicycle

Isabella Bicycle 003 Isabella’s been begging to go ride her bicycle. The weather hasn’t been great the past few weeks and we’ve been quite busy on weekends (or wiped out!) due to the long work days. But yesterday the sun finally broke through in the afternoon despite rainy forecasts, so I took Isabella out for a ride. Lori was busy doing laundry and since Isaac decided to rain on the parade (uhm, that’s a potty training reference…yes, we’re being unsuccessful so if you have any tips, please post a comment!!), we decided to let him know that Isabella was going out and he’d stay home as a punishment. Needless to say, he wasn’t bothered much! I really have got to keep my blood pressure in check.

We went around the neighborhood and then stopped at a nice open area where  she could go fast in a circle, urging me to Isabella Bicycle 007“come get me papa!”. I indulged and ran after her a few times, only to realize how badly out of shape I was.

Our daughter’s Ukrainian heritage (DNA?) hasn’t been lost: notice the boots while riding! And don’t even try to talk her into wearing any other activity-appropriate shoes; spare yourselves a tantrum!

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