Kicked out!

Isaac asleep in car Isaac is a funny little fella. You’ll mostly hear him laugh his heart out. In fact last week the PPCD teacher, Miss C, said that the halls were too quiet without his laughter last Tuesday when we skipped due to the ABR test. However something just wasn’t right at pre-school with Isabella.

Over the last few weeks he’s changed his attitude there and has been totally uncooperative. He’s become more aggressive, kicks, bites, slaps…anything except comply. He’s lost interest in anything and is just not being himself. We thought that since we’ve changed his medications that it could have affected him and in fact we’re slowly switching back to the previous one, but now we’re not so sure anymore that it was to blame.

By the end of last week, they told us that if he doesn’t get better, that they wouldn’t be able to keep him anymore. When he gets that disruptive, he has a negative influence on Isabella’s behavior. We tried talking to him over and over. He didn’t act any differently with us over the weekend and hoped that the slow change in meds might start restoring his behavior when not with us. Well, that clearly didn’t happen!

This morning we had the ophthalmology appointment. We’re going to get yet another set of lenses (bifocals) as his eyes are still crossing. He’ll be seen again in 3 months and then the doctor will decide if he’ll need surgery. Anyway, the above photo was taken at a stop light just before I dropped him off. He was doing fine, in a good mood, having fun with loud music going and generally goofing around. He dozed off towards the end of the trip and that’s when I snapped the photo. We checked in at 9:30am and at 9:45 Lori called me with the news. 15 minutes flat!!!! Is that a new Olympic record or what?

While we’re being inundated with scenes of proud fathers and mothers with their children as Olympic champions, we stand here with our son being kicked out of pre-school. *Gulp*. I hope this isn’t the first in a series of educational mishaps. Miss C. reported that he had a very good day with her today. We’re beginning to think that something must have happened at pre-school to change his attitude. Hopefully we’ll soon find a better fitting place where he’ll be back to being Isaac again in no time.

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Amy said...

This is off topic, but I am delurking to give you this link. I came across this blog off another site, and WOW their daughter looks so much like your son! http://www.ahousefullofboys-julie.blogspot.com/

Dave Baldacchino said...

Thanks Amy, that's amazing! If we didn't know Isabella was the only female sibling, I'd think there would be a serious possibility :)

Aaron & Elizabeth said...

Hello! We love reading your blog as our two are about the same age as yours... just curious on how they did with their progress of learning english. We will be starting Daniel in speech therapy next week but are wondering how long they were home before they really started using english all the time? Hopefully you have found a new place for Isaac by now!

Dave Baldacchino said...

Hi Aaron & Elizabeth, congratulations on your adoption! I'm so bumed I missed your blog as I would have loved to follow your adventure. You adopted quite close from us in Nikopol. Probably around 120km or so. Another family that adopted from the same town as you are the Van Nice family. You can read their blog here:


It took a while but once they started going to pre-school regularly (especialy Isabella), English started being picked up fast. Over the last few weeks or couple of months, Isabella's English has taken off and her speech is becoming clearer. They both need speech therapy but Isaac needs a lot more. He understands really well but he cannot speak properly yet. Anyway I'll be posting soon...the last few weeks have been really hectic!