Gotcha Day – missed

Been busy. Mixed up my dates and thought today was Gotcha Day. It was the 26th. Oh well, we celebrated today by jumping in the pool and giving the kids a “shower” outside (shampoo the hair and rub all over) and hosing them down. They loved it! In summer when swimming in the ocean, my 2nd cousin Elton and I used to do that a lot, or simply rinse down with fresh water. We were spending 9 to 10 hours a day in salt water, for about 2 summer months, so we were quite cleansed ;)

Over the last few weeks, between job hunting, interviews, recruiting office testing, some side work, catching up on medical bills, watching World Cup matches, etc., we also visited some friends on a weekend. The kids had a blast playing in their backyard with sand, swings and running around (thanks U’s!). That weekend Isabella lost her second tooth and we still need to record that in a photo. The kids  have been enjoying the pool and now Isaac is swimming with no trainers either. He doesn’t do it quite as gracefully and Lori is always uneasy as he bobbs up and IMG_3694down like a bottle…down, kicks around, surfaces, giggles, takes a breath and repeats. But he’s been doing very good and has even succeeded at floating on his back and swimming backwards. He’s managing to loosen up and relax quite a bit. Here’s Isaac with his Shark cap at start of season (head band and silicone plugs underneath the cap).

We continue to have hospital appointments (neuropsychological evaluation for Isabella, etc.), bills piling up, fights with insurance…the usual. But that’s boring stuff. Yesterday we had some fun for Lori’s birthday. Well, it wasn’t a complete birthday really. You see, I have completely lost track of time recently, so I missed even getting her a card. She had a good birthday party with her IMG_3714friends from work, so I cannot top that. We went to the Woodlands mall instead and met our friend June, Dennis and their Ukies. We had a good time and the kids made some new friends. Isabella wouldn’t leave poor T alone and wore her out. (PS: You can see a great example of how NOT to take a photo. I have no idea how I missed that red straw!). Anyway, the kids played around with the quarter kiddy rides (most of the time with no actual money being put in) and in general enjoyed the whole experience, from the car ride, the walk around the mall, seeing puppies, kittens and little rabbits at the store, riding IMG_3715the carousel and obviously K’s and T’s company. We also met A from my old job and she was happy to see how Isaac had grown and improved since she last met him. He has turned into such a tease, always trying to strike a connection with anyone around him, saying “Hi” and waving, etc. He’s going to be a real flirt someday. Wait, he already is!

We really enjoyed our conversations with June. After grabbing a bite, some drinks and snapping some photos, we parted ways and walked around. Our plan was to IMG_3713go eat somewhere nice in the evening, but Lori started feeling queasy and was full, so we postponed. Little did we know that she would get sick by the time we got home. It wasn’t pretty and needless to day, she’s still not great right now as she couldn’t keep anything down in her stomach. Not sure if it was food poisoning or some nasty bugger. Isaac woke up with fever at 1am and I didn’t get much sleep while playing Florence Nightingale. Hopefully in a couple of days we can go out to dinner as planned. 

Today I finally got a good offer for work so now at least I have more than one option. I’m expecting one or two more calls but I’ll have to decide by Friday. I’m also helping a friend with his resume`and cover letter. Here’s Isabella with his dog, which we watched over the last couple of weeks. Suzie was our foster dog a few years back, we found her new family, and always enjoy watching her from time to time. Isabella got along really well with her. Until next time Suzie!


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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job offer! Your kids are cute. Jarod

Dave Baldacchino said...

Thanks Jarod! Hope you guys have a great trip and that the next years are as exciting as the past ones. I'm sorry you didn't get to meet our kids (would have met at Sandcastle but then we know what happened).

Kelly said...

Congrats on your Gotcha Day!
Kelly Selkirk

Dave Baldacchino said...

Thanks Kelly!