Tooth and nail

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks of ups and downs. On the up side, we got a visit from the Tooth Fairy. On the down side, losing your job stings a lot more than a nail through your hand.

On June 2nd we cherished last year’s memories of the performance held on Children’s day. I could have sworn the celebration was on that day last year IMG_3699instead of June 1st, but that might have been a date confusion in my head because of when I blogged about the event. For the occasion, in the morning I dressed up Isabella in a Ukrainian shirt given to her as a Christmas present by Carol, which now fits quite well, and snapped a quick photo. Here they are sitting together before leaving for school. Something happened that evening and we didn’t get to watch the entire video together. The kids still love it and enjoy pointing out their friends and caregivers. Isabella seems to have pretty much lost her understanding of Russian as she cannot explain what they’re talking about!

As I was saying, on June 3rd I lost my job. I have always given my utmost and then some, but it doesn’t matter much. When you’re on one side of the scale with shareholder profits and bonuses on the other side, you lose when times are tough. That’s fine though, I’ll figure something out soon. This week’s been a busy one, filled with phone calls, support emails thanks to my other blog and LinkedIn, and lots of good leads. Monday I have an interview, a few other prospects, and also a whole radical (for me) idea of working for myself.

My great friend Matt and his family were very supportive and took us out on Saturday. Their very talented daughter A and her boyfriend watched the kids for us. This was the first time we had a sitter/s. And yes, they were totally worn out at the end! We were discussing that this could turn out to be the perfect “birth-control” experience for them. Funnily enough, her boyfriend’s first comment once we got back home was: “I don’t know if I want kids!”. We had a great time at the Alley Theatre and the comedy Boeing Boeing was absolutely hilarious and a very welcome change of pace (and distraction).IMG_3704

As the kids ate pizza that evening, Isabella lost her tooth. We got a call informing us of this VERY important situation and were assured that the tooth was safely recovered and placed in a plastic bag, ready for the Tooth Fairy. Cute eh? I kept teasing her that she won’t be able to eat as teeth don’t grow back. Her mom spoiled it for me though and now doesn’t believe me!

We had some more hospital appointments too. Isabella is caught up on her shots. She received 3 more in her leg and didn’t shed a tear. They hurt as she screamed and tightened up, but since she had told the nurse before “I’m not going to cry”, she kept her word. I couldn’t believe it. She’s very tough and determined.

Isaac had a follow-up with Otolaryngology (I’m practicing for the Spelling Bee) and he got retested by Audiology. It still shows hearing loss in his right ear and the doctor was hoping that the surgery might have normalized both ears. So in 3 months we have another follow-up appointment where they’ll re-test yet again and then see what’s next, which possibly includes further tests (like a CT scan) and/or a hearing aid.

Anyway, now that the World Cup is here, I’m going to have plenty to watch. I can’t believe we’ll be coming to the 1 year anniversary soon. It’s been a year (9th June) since we had our court date. Time sure flies. We’ll see what else is in store.

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adopting2fromUkraine said...

Happy First Father's Day, Dave! Hope it was a good one:)


Dave Baldacchino said...

Hi June! It was great. We're going to junmp in the pool for a bit now that the sun has set haha. What a HOT day!! We'll be in touch about visiting.