A new year

Not much has changed since my last post. Well, our fence is actually done :) In the spring, I'll probably spray it with a sealer to make it last longer and weather nicely. I've got plenty to do but I'm busy with other stuff at the moment. Especially trying to get my elbow healed after injuring myself in the days following Ike when taking down the fence!! Yes, it's pretty sad, but I had to resort to physical therapy after a couple of doctor visits, exercises, anti-inflammatory pills, ice, heat...today I started therapy sessions. Hopefully in a month or so I'll be better. Turns out that "tennis elbow" takes a long time to heal, especially when you use the mouse and keyboard all day long ;) Anyway, here's a photo of a new fence section.


Lori is busy as they will soon have Inventory in their store. She's working the next couple of weekends. So this Sunday she'll skip the Grand Opening of a school I worked on a couple of years ago (Fairview JHS in Alvin ISD), but I'm not missing it! We had a good break for New Year's eve, when we went to San Antonio for a couple of days. We did a lot of walking around the Riverwalk. On Christmas day, we went to our friends Gary, Olivia and Ariel for a nice lunch together with Gary's parents from South Africa.

The dossier is still on hold. Our new doctor is moving offices and so it's taking longer than expected to get the new medical forms notarized. Everything else is complete and this week we'll get them notarized so they're ready for Apostilling. I'm not sure I'll drive to Austin this time. I might just resort to Lonestar Overnight and hopefully we'll have them back in couple of weeks. Sometimes you just have to let things run their course and things will turn out just fine anyway! We're obviously hoping that we'll get to travel to Ukraine in 2009, so amidst signs of difficult economic times, we're still hopeful that this will be a good year overall.

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Kevin and Tammy said...

Just found your blog. We are from El Paso, TX and returned in September with three siblings. Check out our blog. We have friends that live in Missouri City. They live in Lake Olympia, is that near your home. Hope things move quickly for you.

Dave Baldacchino said...

Hi Tammy and Kevin, we'll be subscribing to your feed; thanks for letting us know. Go figure, we also live in Lake Olympia! The world is so small haha. And thanks, we're just waiting on updated doctor's forms, Apostille the updates and then send everything over to our translator.

Kevin and Tammy said...

I thought from your house it looked as though you live in Lake Olympia. Their last name is York. They have been there since about 1990. Good luck on your adoption. We will continue to follow your blog

Dave Baldacchino said...

I have noticed a lot of people that have been living here for a long time. I was amazed to find that one of our neighbors actually are the first and only owners of their house since around 1983 and they remember our house being built!